September 29, 2021
C21Media: Pluto TV’s orbit expands through 400-hour licensing deal with Rive Gauche

ViacomCBS-owned AVOD streamer Pluto TV has picked up 435 hours of unscripted content from LA-based producer-distributor Rive Gauche to launch four new free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels in various global territories.

The acquired content includes crime series Homicide Hunter (142×60’), reality series Cesar Milan (167×60’) and shock doc series My Strange Addiction (47×30′ & 3×60′).

Homicide Hunter, which follows Lieutenant Joe Kenda and his Colorado Springs crime-fighting team, will be available on its own Pluto TV channel in the UK, Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America, while Cesar Milan, about the Mexican-American dog trainer César Felipe Millán Favela, will have its own channel in the UK, Latin America, Spain and Brazil.

My Strange Addiction and My Crazy Obsession, which both focus on unusual compulsive behaviours, will combine to create a new FAST channel on Pluto TV, available in the UK, Latin America and Spain.

Another series, Buying American Homes (92×30’), about homes in Hawaii, The Bayou and Alaska, will also have its own FAST channel in the UK.

In addition, ViacomCBS-owned Pluto TV picked up: Am I a Boy or Girl (9×60’) in Latin America, Spain and the US; Science of Sin (4×60’) in Latin America, Brazil, Spain and the US; Where Cool Came From (10×60’) in Latin America, Spain and the US; and Race to the Scene (8×60’) in Latin America and Spain.

“This offers the opportunity for long-time fans of Dog Whisperer, Homicide Hunter, My Strange Addiction, My Crazy Obsession and Extreme American Homes to access their favourite series on their own designated channels. These FAST channels also open the door and allow new audiences to find these binge worthy series we all can’t get enough of,” said Marine Ksadzhikyan, COO and executive VP of sales at Rive Gauche.

In October 2020, Rive Gauche merged with independent comic publisher AfterShock Comics, creating a new entity aiming to exploit IP through TV, film, streaming and gaming.